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We have our terms and conditions below. If you have any questions please contact us. These T&Cs apply for all customers of Fire-Break. If any terms and conditions are on or within the Booking Confirmation, then the terms and conditions of Booking Confirmation will take priority.


- If you want to request a quote for our services, please complete all the relevant information, and submit it online via our Website or provide it by email to the email address provided on our Website.
 - If Fire-Break requires further information to provide a proper quote, We will contact you to obtain this information.
 - The Customer is liable for informing Fire-Break of any food or other allergies suffered by any person or for which Fire-Break is expected to cater, as part of the information required on the Booking Form. Such notification shall be in writing where indicated on the Booking Form.
 - Fire-Break will provide a written quote to the Customer after the Customer has properly completed the Quote Form provided. The Quote is based on the information you have provided Fire-Break, and is subject to change if the information provided is incorrect.
 - Fire-Break reserves the right to amend or alter any Quote or Booking Confirmation if the information provided is incorrect or changes.

Fire-Break will need to arrive approximately 2hrs prior to the start time of the Event in order to commence food service preparation.
- Fire-Break will require a standard electricity supply outlet at the Event. The customer will be responsible for the provision of electricity.

  - Once Fire-Break provides you with a booking confirmation you must provide 25% of the total Fee stated in the Booking Confirmation, in cleared funds at least 2 weeks prior to the Event date unless otherwise agreed by Fire-Break.
  - The balance of the Fee is payable at the Event date.


- The provision of services pursuant to the Booking Confirmation shall in each instance be subject to the availability of the customer’s choice of venue, location, food and other arrangements.
- The Customer is responsible for the behaviour of the customer in respect of equipment or other items utilised for the Event by Fire-Break
 - The Customer is liable for any loss and/or damage suffered by Fire-Break
 - In the event that any of Fire-Break's equipment cease to operate or cause damage to the venue or premises of the customer during the Event, Fire-Break shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Customer.
 - Should the Customer cancel once the booking confirmation has been applied and the deposit has been taken the deposit will be forfeited and is non-refundable, unless the customer changes the date for another possible date.

- Fire-Break shall be entitled to take photographs and/or audio-visual footage of an Event solely for promotional purposes in respect of Fire-Break's services. Photographs on promotional material are for illustrative purposes only, and subject to change.
 - The parties shall keep the terms of any booking confidential, and shall not disclose such terms without the prior written consent of the other. All information relating to Fire-Break business practices is deemed confidential, save to the extent that the information is in the public domain.