Mobile Woodfire Catering

Fire Break Pizza

Mobile Woodfired Pizza

Mobile Woodfired Pizza Catering

Entrées ~

- Herb Pizza.

- Garlic & Cheese Pizza.

- Margherita- Tomato Base, Mozzarella. 

 - Neapolitan - Tomato Base, Olives and Mozzarella.

Traditional ~

- Pepperoni - Tomato Base, Pepperoni, Mozzarella.

- Hawaiian- Tomato Base, Ham, Pineapple, Mozzarella.

- Supreme- Tomato Base, Pepperoni, Red Onion, Capsicum, Mushroom, Ham, Chicken, Olives and Mozzarella.

- BBQ Meat Lovers- BBQ Base, Pepperoni, Chicken, Cabanossi, Ham and Mozzarella. 

- Vegetarian- Tomato Base, Pumpkin,  Mushroom, Red Onion, Capsicum, Olives, Snow peas and Mozzarella.

 - BBQ Chicken - BBQ Base, Chicken, Red Onion, Mushroom, Capsicum and Mozzarella.

Gourmet ~

- Chicken and Chorizo- Tomato Base, Chicken, Chorizo, Pumpkin, Red Onion, Snow peas and Mozzarella.

- Thai- Satay Base, Chicken, Red Onion, Capsicum, Cherry Tomato, Mozzarella, Coriander Aïoli.

- Meatballs - Tomato Base, Beef Meatballs, Mozzarella.

- Garlic Prawn - Tomato Base, Garlic Prawns, Chorizo, Cherry Tomato, Snow Peas and Mozzarella.

- Fire Break Pizza - Tomato Based, Hot Salami, Red Onion, Capsicum, Jalapeno and Mozzarella topped with Ghost Chilli Mayo (VERY HOT).

- Prosciutto - Tomato Base, Cherry Tomato, Mozzarella topped with Prosciutto, Rocket and Pear.


Desserts ~

- Nutella, Banana &  Strawberry Pizza.

- Nutella & Timtams.

- Nutella & Oreo.

- Nutella & Sprinkles.

Salads ~ $2 Per Person extra

Garden Salad.

Greek Salad.

Caesar Salad.

Rocket, Pear and Parmesan Salad.

Mediterranean couscous salad - Couscous, Raisins, Onion, Slithered Almonds, Capsicum, Cherry Tomato and Olives.